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Considerations in Sports Field Construction and Maintenance


If you are looking into constructing your very own sports field, it is of paramount importance to understand the considerations of sports fields in terms of construction and maintenance.



The number one thing to consider would have to be size. Sports fields abide by standard measurements. Do you have enough space to accommodate the standard dimensions of the sports field that you need to construct?


You also need to know the dimensions of the field for the specific sport for which the field will be used. This is particularly critical if you are using the same field for different sports. For instance, the standard field size for a football field is 360’ long and 160’ wide. A field hockey on the other hand, has the standard size of 300’ in length and 180 in width. If you will be using one field for two or three different sports, you need to consider how you can make sure that the standard field dimensions of each sport can be accommodated.



Different sports also require different kinds of fixtures. Football goal posts, for example, are in-ground furnishings. Football fixtures cannot easily be removed and replaced with baseball or soccer fixtures. In sports field construction, it is vital to be able to make a way in order to accommodate these changes in sports fixtures. Again, this is of vital importance especially for multi-use fields.


Natural Grass vs. Synthetic Grass

Another important consideration in sports field construction is the use of either natural grass or synthetic grass.


In choosing, two top things that you could look into would be markings and playability.


Natural grass can temporarily be marked by paint, as paint on natural grass can easily come off. Paint on synthetic fields however is much harder to remove. Again, this is an important thing to note especially if you will be using your field for different sports.


Another thing to look into would be the playability of either types of grass under varied weather circumstances. Which one allows more playing time? Which one can prevent excessive wear and tear?


Field Maintenance

According to Sports Field Management, fall is the best time to prepare the sports field for winter conditions. One major pre-winter management is fertilization of the field in order for the grass to store their much-needed nutrients, and encourage new growth come spring. This of course, is only applicable for natural grass fields.


Sports field construction is no mean feat. Evidently, there are a lot of considerations in the construction and maintenance of sports fields. The best option is always to seek expert help from professionals who have a proven track record.


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