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Running Tracks Evolve with the Trends

Running is about going forward. When you are running to compete, you are not running away from someone or something, you are running towards a goal. Although most people think that the goal is simply to win, we feel that this quote from Pinterest perfectly embodies the goal of a competitive runner. Running is about growing stronger and faster. It’s about not letting anything hold you back.

This same principle applies to sports construction. We at General Sports Surfaces make sure to keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and technology that will allow us to move forward with what athletes and our clients need to help them in achieving their goals. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship which nurtures a culture of excellence that allows us to produce quality service and products.

It Ends in Rio

The running track for the Rio 2016 Olympics was recently unveiled on May 9, 2016. The most striking of its features is its color, which is in a deep shade of blue that adds a dramatic element to the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic games. Mondo, the company in charge of the design and installation of the track, employed nanotechnology to change the molecular make of the track surface for it to sustain extreme use from the world’s top athletes.

In a recent interview, Mondo declared that, “For Rio we have improved a little bit again from Beijing… Rio is the ending of a natural evolution beginning in London.” This line stuck with us, because it is the vision of every athletic track construction company to surpass standards set by the competition – and to set the bar for which everyone else follows. It simply confirmed something that we had already believed in and known to be true. We cannot settle for what we know now, we must always strive to out-best, even ourselves.

It’s not just about Trends

Track field construction is not like fashion, wherein trends tend to change extremely quickly. Running tracks are built to last and so the materials and technology used for it retain the same elements. When it comes to professional sports and athletes, the goal will always be to provide the best and quality facilities, which will keep them save while nurturing their growth. We need to run with them, while staying true to the fundamental factors needed to maintain quality.

If there are certain trends that the running track construction industry has followed, it would be those that nurture quality and excellence, such as the following things:

1. Sustainability

Unbeknownst to some, sustainability is not just about “going green”. Sustainability is about making the most out of current technology and materials to meet triple bottom line goals: Social, Environmental and Financial.
Sustainability is about being conscious of other factors that your business has or can make an impact on. In this day and age, it is no longer enough that you are profiting in your business to say that you are doing well. Sustainability dictates that doing well in your business means making a positive impact to everything around you.

Sustainability trends in running track construction include using viable materials and buying from sustainable manufacturers or suppliers. It doesn’t mean that you are using organic materials, but that you are doing business with companies who are aware and conscious of their carbon footprint so as not to add to the harmful factors that are causing the deterioration of the environment. This can be achieved by improving processes within the companies that can help in lessening the company’s overall carbon footprint.

General Sports Surfaces is mindful of sustainability standards and we do our best to be in compliance to these in order to meet 3BL goals.

2. Safety

Technology has allowed for the creation of running track systems and track surfaces that are strong enough to withstand extreme athletic effort, yet are “gentle” to the athlete’s bodies so that they are able to compete in optimal conditions that are good for their health.

3. Stability

Running tracks are meant to run with generations of athletes. It should withstand the test of time. For a running track construction company, projects that break or wear easily can be considered a failure. Technology and information has paved the way to more stable and sturdy running tracks that are able to last longer than those that had been built before.

Change and evolution are natural elements of life. You should not shy away from it, yet you should be mindful of which trends or changes you could be swept up in. Change is not always a good thing. Your choices will determine if you are evolving into something better… or worse.

When it comes to running track design and installation, we believe in nurturing change, yet maintaining timeless fundamentals which allow us to sleep easy at night, knowing that we are not just doing our jobs… we are doing it well.

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