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Sports Construction: General Sports Surfaces on Football Fields

Sports is part of America’s culture. The four major professional sports in the United States are Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Hockey.  All the four major professional sports are played indoors. Yes, even football. Football can be played at ice hockey-sized indoor arenas. However, the field is not any different from the outdoor football field, especially if it is installed by professional sports construction service provider such as General Sports Surfaces.


General Sports Surfaces specializes in turn-key sports design and sports construction. It provides repairs patching, a demo, an excavation, drainage, base work, installation, lighting, grand stands, and athletic equipment.


When it comes to football field construction and building, General Sports Surfaces knows that every athlete deserves the best. Our premium turf manufacturing teamed up with industry leading synthetic turf manufacturers that are recognized as global leaders in turf fiber technology. It all includes fiber extrusion, tufting and backing as well as a commitment to research and development to continually push product advancement.


Moreover, GSS has the next generation turf that is backed by warranty and has a strong, durable, flexible fiber and shock absorption technology which makes the football field even better. Its design provide a full on site evaluation of new and/or existing facilities and development land with a product submittal package which will be based on site and the owner’s needs and budget. When it comes to installation, its operational management oversees project safety, quality control, scheduling, and providing detailed progress reports to owners. Lastly for its maintenance, it is provided by in house professionals.


Here are some of the football fields that General Sports Surfaces made: Amarillo ISD 9 Fields, Archer City ISD Stadium, Argyle ISD Indoor Facility, Belton ISD Stadium, Blitz Football, Crystal City ISD Practice Facility, Crystal City ISD Stadium Renovations, and Westlake HS. Visit General Sports Surfaces’ website to view its gallery and inquire with them to make your facility stand above the rest.


Would you like more information about football field construction or any other sports construction? You can send us an email through this form or call us at 817-295-6616.




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