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Telltale Signs That Your Track Surface Needs Replacing

How do you know if your track surface needs replacing? Here are the telltale signs to watch out for a track surface replacement.


Damages to track surfaces are inevitable. As it is with anything else that is constantly being used, track surfaces too, will, at one point or another, go through the natural process of wear and tear.


Expectedly, the first reaction at the sight of any track surface damage is to repair it, rather than replace. This has to do with reasons pertaining to cost and time. Repairs are not bad – in fact, they are practical. However, there are instances when track surfaces reach the point of being beyond repair. The moment that this happens, your track surface will surely cause even more damage if you don’t immediately replace it. We’re no longer just talking about further damaging the track, but causing damage to the athletes when they get into accidents or experience injuries upon using it.


Regular inspection of a track surface is necessary to find out if it has reached its critical period, and must already be replaced. According to Mike Gasparovic, as cited by Athletic Business, “The first thing you have to do when visually inspecting a track is to see if there’s delamitation, cracks, areas of the track where the surface isn’t attached to the substrate.” When these are present, it’s probably high time for you to replace your track surface entirely.


Delamination occurs when layers separate, and cause the surface to lose the toughness that it used to have. Delamnation of track surfaces can occur due to variety of factors such as repeated exposure to water (either from the rain or from water sprinklers), absence of effective drainage, and presence of excessive underground water.


The telltale signs for a track surface replacement are these:

    - severe cracking
    - issues with drainage
    - uneven asphalt


When you find that your surface track has these three things, you have to seriously consider replacing your track surface.


If you are in need of surface track replacing services, General Sports Surfaces is your go-to supplier. General Sports Surfaces is your complete track service provider. They provide high-quality track surface products that can surely make your facility stand out and stand above everyone else’s.


General Sports Surfaces offers assessment and recommendations, as well as surface track installation. Not only that, but they can also provide you with surface track accessories like track and field throw cages, rollout rubber track protectors, weighted track crossing mats, long jump equipment, and pole vault equipment.


Don’t wait another moment. Remember that your athletes’ efficiency and safety are at stake here. If your track surface is in need of repairs or replacement, contact General Sports Surfaces today.


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