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What Is Astro Turf?

Astro Turf is a common name for artificial grass or artificial turf. It is a type of surface that imitates the look and feel of natural grass.

It is a synthetic type of grass that is created to resemble natural grass as closely as possible, and it is used in a variety of contexts, and one of which is in sports. Common sports in which artificial grass are baseball, football, and indoor soccer.

Astro Turf or synthetic turf is usually used in areas where it is hard to grow grass or in areas where it is very difficult to maintain grass. An example of this is in indoor facilities or in areas that have drought and barren soil.

More and more facilities are using artificial grass as athletic fields because of its low maintenance efforts and cost. Imagine, if you use artificial grass, you don’t have to water it every single day, mow, and provide fertilizers as you would have to do with natural grass. In this sense, it is more environmentally friendly and more cost-efficient.

It is important to note that artificial grass still requires some maintenance. This includes grooming and making sure that the synthetic turf free from debris. When grooming your artificial grass, it is important to make sure that the grass blades are able to maintain an upright position. Also, artificial grass needs to be free of debris because this can be breeding ground for moss and other unwanted growth.

The early manufacturing of Astro Turf or artificial synthetic grass took place in the 1960s. The common raw materials needed for the production of Astro Turf is plastic and polyester.

The blades that make up the “grass” of artificial turf is made out of nylon or polypropylene. Astro Turf or synthetic turf also has a cushioning system made from rubber material or polyester.

This cushioning system allows the turf to have a softness similar to the natural soil. Synthetic field turf is being considered to be as equally safe for athletes in the sports of baseball and football compared to natural grass. Sports injuries are not necessarily higher in synthetic turf fields. This is because Astro Turf or synthetic field turf is made to imitate natural grass as much as possible.

Plus, unlike natural grass, synthetic turf doesn’t have muddy patchesor holes. This therefore prevents athletes from acquiring ankle sprains and other types of sports injuries especially in the lower extremities.

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