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What Is Synthetic Turf?

Maybe you’ve heard of the terms synthetic turf, or artificial turf. But what exactly is it?


Synthetic turf, simply put, is artificial grass. Synthetic turf is usually installed in places where it is difficult for grass to grow, or it is difficult for grass to be maintained.


The blades of the synthetic grass are often made out of nylon or polypropylene. The cushions of the synthetic grass are made out of rubber or polyester foam.


Inevitably, synthetic turf, also known as artificial turf, is now becoming a trend in sports field construction. This is because synthetic turf doesn’t need to be cared for and maintained the way that natural grass does.


Plus, the use of synthetic turf can actually save you a significant amount of money. This is because you don’t ever need to fertilize, mow, and water your field again. Can you imagine that? And this is exactly why the use of synthetic turf is beginning to become more and more popular in sports field construction.


Another big advantage of having a synthetic turf is that it actually lessens sports injuries in the field. Synthetic turfs allow for an even playing surface, which thus decreases likelihood of injuries. This is in contrast to natural grass, which easily becomes uneven with potholes during play.


Today, more and more grass fields are being converted to synthetic turfs.


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