Sports Field Construction: Tips on Building Process

Track field construction along with the construction of any other sports field can be difficult and involves a lot of planning.  If you are serious about football field construction or constructing another type of field, then you need to get the best tips for construction a proper sports field.  We have brought together some of the biggest tips you will need to get the most out of your soccer field builderor other field builder.

The Planning Team

A solid planning team makes the process of creating a sports field much easier.  A variety of parties should be incorporated into the planning team; each one will bring with them their own expertise.  Here are some people that you might want to include in your planning team:

Maintenance Personnel
Team Coach
Team Doctor
Team Trainer

The input you get from each part of the planning team allows you to make revisions that can save you money and make the field as playable as possible.


Almost all locations will require you to obtain permits, make sure that you obtain the proper permits for your field.  Construction permits, field permits, and occupancy permits might just be a few that you need to get.

The Field Turf

When a baseball field builder or another sports field constructor starts a project, one of the biggest questions they are going to ask is what kind of turf you are going to want.  This is a difficult question to answer because you will need turf that will handle the wear and tear of sporting events.

If you are building a sporting field with real turf, the turf itself isn’t as big of a concern as the soil it is being built on.  Soil mechanics is the science of creating the proper soil for each application.  You want to get a high-quality soil for your field because you want the turf layer to get good roots.  This will help to prevent the field from getting overly damaged.  The main drawback to a traditional turf field is that it requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance.

Some sports fields opt for synthetic turf materials such as AstroTurf.  AstroTurf can be great because it doesn’t need to be watered and there is less maintenance needed.  Because AstroTurf is artificial it is more durable and that increases playability while reducing injuries.  However, AstroTurf does have its downsides.  AstroTurf can be a heat hazard in some locations.  There is also a concern over the cleanliness and safety of artificial material that does not clean easily.

Construction Process

Hiring a builder can be difficult but here are a few things to consider.  You will want a construction company that is willing to meet with you regularly, so having a local office is the best.  You will also want them to warranty their work so that the process is safe guarded against anything happening.  Make sure that former clients have good reviews of the company.

Consider Maintenance

During the building process, you should take into consideration that you will need to conduct regular maintenance on the field.  The field should be built to accommodate this.  Taking notes during the construction process can help you to know in more detail what kind of maintenance will need to be done.  More importantly, you will be able to spot any parts of the field that might need to be reworked because they will make maintenance too difficult.

The Cost

A lot of people will look at the cost of building a sports field and start to look for ways to cut corners.  Cutting costs can be bad in both the long run and the short run, though.  The sports field is your players’ office, where they perform most of their work.  If you cut costs your players will be without a high-quality office, that means that the field may be left with many problems that make it hard for players to perform optimally. It can also leave you with more costs down the road for repair or injuries.

Building a sports field isn’t a small project but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one.  With these tips, you are already a step ahead of where you were before.  You can start to move on in the planning process and get the field that your players need to succeed.