Sports Surface Maintenance: How to Care for Synthetic Turf

One big advantage of having artificial, synthetic turf is that it doesn’t need watering, reseeding, or mowing the way natural grass does. Because of this, more and more people are beginning to prefer the use of synthetic turfs when it comes to sports construction. However, this doesn’t mean that artificial turf requires absolutely zero maintenance.

At General Sports Surfaces, we recommend that synthetic turfs be cared for and maintained well to ensure that it stays in its quality condition for a prolonged period of time. The number one rule about synthetic turf maintenance is that synthetic turfs need to always be kept clean. Synthetic turfs must be free from any type of debris. Forest Grass suggests using a lawn sweeper, a garden vacuum, or even a leaf blower to effectively clean your artificial turf from fallen leaves, debris, dirt, and dust that accumulate over time. Take note that the presence of organic debris like leaves can promote weed growth, which is something that you have to avoid at all cost.

Another thing that you need to make sure that your synthetic turf is clear of are stains. Classic Backyards actually suggests that the sooner you get rid of the stains, the better. Don’t allow stains to linger on your synthetic turf. If you need to, you can use warm and mild household solutions to brush off hard-to-get-rid-of stains. Lastly, to care for your synthetic turf, rake regularly. This way, the blades of the synthetic turf will be more balanced, allowing the grass to wear off more evenly.

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