Obsessed With Soccer? Here’s Why Turf Is Better for Your Soccer Field!

If you thought you didn’t need an artificial turf field you were wrong! A complaint that was common with athletes in years past was having to play on an artificial turf field. This is because, before the improvements made to the turf, it was merely plastic that was manufactured to resemble real grass.

The issue with turf was that it caused what is known as turf burn to a player’s arms, legs, and any other exposed body parts. Also, if the athlete was not wearing the proper equipment, it could lead to knee and ankle injuries while practicing and playing soccer. 

However, the recent improvements that have been made to turf have made it preferable overplaying on authentic grass fields. Here you will find all of the reasons why playing on a turf field is preferred to playing on a grass field.

Soccer Field: Longevity

A turf field provides longevity when it is installed and will not need to be replaced for at least 5 years. On the other hand, when a team uses a grass field, some steps must be taken to maintain the field and keep the field presentable. 

The field will last 1 to 2 years if cared for rightly because of all the wear and tear it will endure from the games, practices, weather, and equipment used on it. It will take more time and effort to maintain a grass field than it will take to keep a turf field.

Change in Climate

One of the purposes of a grass field is to make landing on it more comfortable and softer, but that is difficult to accomplish when it is freezing outside. Also, grass on a grass field will not grow correctly when the weather outside is cold.

If the grass does somehow remain on the field, it will not be strong and will become brittle as it gets colder. A field that has turf makes landing on it after being tackled easier on the body of the athlete.

Saves Resources

To ensure that a grass field continues to look presentable for televised games, it takes fertilizer and consistent watering. This will take a lot of money out of your overall budget to do and affects the surrounding environment.

Saving the money that would otherwise be spent on maintaining a grass field can be spent on other supplies that the team may need in the future.

Decreases the Injury Rate

The improvements that have recently been made to artificially turfed fields has helped to reduce the rate that players sustain injuries. A study that was completed by the American Journal of Sports Medicine founded that 15.2% of injuries per 10 games occurred on artificial turf as compared to the 13.8% of injuries that happened on grass fields.

The decrease in injuries for artificial turf was significant. And the study also founded that when a player sustains an injury on a grass field, they are more likely to sit out for a more extended time than when they are injured on an artificially turfed field.

Versatility and Preparation

Artificial turf fields can take being used over and over again. Grass fields require a period of recovery after being used that artificial turf fields do not require. If you are arranging a tournament and the field needs to be utilized, using a grass field will slow down the operation of the event.

Artificial turf is the best option if you need a field that will be used frequently.

You Don’t Have to Wait for it to Grow

As we mentioned earlier, it will take money and supplies to ensure that a grass field is maintained. You also have to take into account when bugs destroy the grass and therefore destroy the field. Once new fertilizer is put down, you now have to wait for the grass to grow.

This takes time that you may not have to waste. On the other hand, when you put down artificial turf, you don’t have to sit around waiting for it to grow because it’s already “grown.”

Better for the Environment

Let’s take a moment and say that you wish to reduce your carbon footprint. If this is the case, then opting for an artificial field is the best thing for you and your team.

A synthetic field decreases environmental pollutants, there are no pesticides, and saves water.

Smart Use of Space

By choosing to install an artificial turf field, you are making better use of the space that you have been provided. When a grass field is being used, you and other teams may have limited space to use due to rest periods that the natural grass field may need.

Artificial turf can be used over and over again by multiple teams at one time, if necessary.

Return on Your Initial Investment

An artificial field will pay for itself over the next 3-5 years. Think about the cost it takes to install and maintain a natural grass field as compared to that of an artificial field. In 20 years, the total cost of installing, a one-time replacement, and keep a synthetic field is less expensive than a natural one.

Install the Artificial Turf

We have provided you with all the reasons that you should choose to use an artificially turfed field over a natural grass field. Not only will It help you to save time, money, and resources, it will cut down on the injuries that your players sustain while playing on it.

An artificial turf soccer field has come a long way from the fields of the past. The field is becoming the chosen field of the future. Don’t get caught behind the curve by sticking with a grass field. Make the change from natural grass to artificial turf today.

If you need a company to install a pristine artificial turf for your soccer field, contact us today and let us put our services to work for you. You won’t regret it, and neither will the athletes that have to spend time playing and practicing on it.