Putman City West

Six lane running track and D areas, black rejuvenation resurfacing. Installation of track surface NRG 200- Structural System Resurfacing.

West Hardin High School

West Hardin County CISD – 400 Meter Track Resurface and Field Event

Demolition of existing running track and construction of a new 8 lane running track and field events, installation of track surface

Products Used: NRG 300 – Impermeable Structural Spray System.

Owasso High School Public Schools

Owasso Public Schools Athletic Renovations- Running Track and Synthetic Turf Football Field.

Construction of new multipurpose synthetic turf field, featuring ActGlobal F57 Xtreme turf. NRG 200 – Red Structural Spray was installed on the running track, field events and new “D” area