Putman City West

Six lane running track and D areas, black rejuvenation resurfacing. Installation of track surface NRG 200- Structural System Resurfacing.

West Hardin High School

West Hardin County CISD – 400 Meter Track Resurface and Field Event

Demolition of existing running track and construction of a new 8 lane running track and field events, installation of track surface

Products Used: NRG 300 – Impermeable Structural Spray System.

Owasso High School Public Schools

Owasso Public Schools Athletic Renovations- Running Track and Synthetic Turf Football Field.

Construction of new multipurpose synthetic turf field, featuring ActGlobal F57 Xtreme turf. NRG 200 – Red Structural Spray was installed on the running track, field events and new “D” area

Prague High School

Prague Public Schools Track Replacement.

Demolition of Running track Surface and field events.

Products Used: Install NRG 200- Red Structural Spray System on running track and field events.

Owasso High School

Owasso Public Schools Athletic Renovations- Baseball Field.

Construction of artificial turf baseball field including excavation, import of structural field and new drainage system. Installation of ActGlobal Xtreme Turf BDX 57.