West Hardin High School

West Hardin County CISD – 400 Meter Track Resurface and Field Event

Demolition of existing running track and construction of a new 8 lane running track and field events, installation of track surface

Products Used: NRG 300 – Impermeable Structural Spray System.

Owasso High School Public Schools

Owasso Public Schools Athletic Renovations- Running Track and Synthetic Turf Football Field.

Construction of new multipurpose synthetic turf field, featuring ActGlobal F57 Xtreme turf. NRG 200 – Red Structural Spray was installed on the running track, field events and new “D” area

Prague High School

Prague Public Schools Track Replacement.

Demolition of Running track Surface and field events.

Products Used: Install NRG 200- Red Structural Spray System on running track and field events.

Newkirk High School

New Track and Field Events Synthetic Surface

Demolition of running track surface and field events, furnish and install 4″ of new asphalt on the track area.

Products Used: Installation of NRG 500 Impermeable Sandwich System on running track and field events.

General Sports Surfaces completes the largest synthetic turf project in Oklahoma

OWASSO, OK — General Sports Surfaces, a leading builder and renovator of high-performance athletic surfaces for football, baseball, softball, soccer, and track and field, recently completed the largest synthetic turf installation project in the state of Oklahoma, providing a fresh new look to the athletics facilities at the Owasso Public Schools. GSS installed a new synthetic turf system and multi-purpose synthetic track at the football stadium, a multipurpose synthetic turf system and track surface at the indoor sports facility, and complete field systems at the district’s baseball and softball stadiums.

GSS installed Act Global Xtreme Turf at each of the Owasso sports fields. Each field yielded a different customization depending on the sport. The track installation featured a new NRG track surface.

  • Football Stadium: Features Act Global’s elite-level blended product, the BDX57.
  • Indoor Multi-Sport Facility: Features Act Global’s Xtreme Turf F50 (a slit-film system).
  • Baseball and Softball Stadiums: Feature Act Global’s blended-fiber system with thatch, the Xtreme Turf BDXT 57.
  • Track: Features the NRG 200 Red Structural Spray Surface.

“We are excited about the new field systems and track surfaces that General Sports Surfaces installed at our athletic facilities,” said Zach Duffield, Owasso High School athletic director and the 2018 the National Council of Secondary Schools AD of the Year by the Oklahoma Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association. “Everything looks great and we have received positive feedback from the athletes and coaches who have used the new fields. Hector (Puentes) and his team at GSS were extremely professional and completed the job on time. Many in the community have taken notice on how much better our athletics facilities look with the new turf systems, so we are extremely happy with the decision we made to go with GSS for our turf and track installations.”

Owasso High School, located in Tulsa County and home to the 2017 Oklahoma 6A-1 state championship football team, along with recent state championships in baseball, girls’ basketball, and boys’ and girls’ golf, undertook a massive facilities improvement project, resulting in Oklahoma’s largest ever single synthetic turf installation project. And the results could not have been better for Owasso.

“This was a great project for us,” said GSS President Hector Puentes. “It’s the largest project of its kind in Oklahoma and we are excited to be able to partner with a great school district such as Owasso. Zach and his team were great to work with and I think the results speak for themselves.”

GSS is a partner of Act Global turf products. Act Global synthetic turf has been installed at more than 1,700+ sports fields worldwide, including 16 Act Global branded NFL fields and more than 200 FIFA-certified fields. Act Global is a USA-based research, manufacturing, and construction firm with a worldwide industry reach and charitable partnerships. Their focus is to elevate player safety and performance as if the athletes were playing on a natural surface but with a more complex shock absorption that prevents major injuries.


General Sports Surfaces (GSS) is a leading installer of high-performance athletic surfaces, offering turn-key construction solutions for football fields, baseball and softball fields, soccer fields, and athletic track and field systems. Whether installing in large NFL stadiums or small community municipalities, GSS is equipped to handle projects of any size. We offer a broad range of services, from repairs to complete surface renovation and installation, to meet the needs of sports facilities at all levels, including schools and school districts, colleges and universities, professional stadiums and facilities, and local municipalities. For more information, visit https://generalsportssurfaces.com/.


Act Global is a world leader in synthetic turf technology and field installations, with fields in over 80 countries. Act Global has supplied its Xtreme Turf synthetic turf to over 600 football fields. Act Global is a FIFA Quality Licensee and preferred supplier for World Rugby, the International Hockey Federation, and the United Soccer League. The Act Global UBU Speed Series is the leading brand for NFL & NCAA Division I Football Fields. Act Global turf systems have been featured in the New Orleans Superdome, New York Met Life Stadium, Houston NRG Stadium, and Minneapolis U.S. Bank Stadium. For more information, visit http://www.actglobal.com.

Advantages of Having a Running Track Surface Installed by GSS

Many take up running as a sport; but to maximize your performance and minimize your risk of injuries, here’s why a running track surface is your best bet.

More and more people are getting hooked into running – we see a lot of people joining marathons, and we see organizations, left and right, conduct runs for a cause. Perhaps this is because running is a very versatile sport, after all it’s a sport that doesn’t require much technical training, and you can practically do it anywhere – be it out on the streets, on a treadmill, on the beach, even at the nearby park in your neighborhood.

Yes, the versatility of running as a sport allows you to run on every type of surface out there, but at the end of the day, a running track surface would still have to be your best option.

This is because running on a track minimizes your risk for injuries. Remember that running naturally brings repetitive stress on your joints, therefore you have to make sure that the surface you are running on is soft, yet sturdy at the same time. All other common surfaces like grass and asphalt are usually either too soft, or too uneven, which pose risks for ankle sprains and other running injuries.

Running on a track also gives you an accurate measure of the distance that you’re running. Having said this, you can keep track of your pacing, your progress, and set specific goals for your training.

If you are looking for running track construction servicesGeneral Sports Surfaces can help you in your construction and installation needs.

We, at General Sports Surfaces, have an extensive and unparalleled experience in running track construction, as well as in athletic surface installation. We also provide our customers with essential equipment and the necessary training to properly maintain surface tracks, in order to maximize its performance and optimize its life span.

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Parts of a Soccer Field: A Primer

Soccer is known to be one of the most popular team sports in the world.
Central to understanding the rules of the game is knowing the different parts of a soccer field.

The parts of a soccer field are as follows:

Center Circle
The center circle is a circle at the center of the field. It measures 9.15m in radius. At the very center of this center circle is the center spot, where the kickoffs are taken in order to start or restart the game.

Halfway Line
The halfway line divides the soccer field into two equal areas, and the halfway line goes through the center spot. The halfway line is also known as the midfield line or the centerline.

Penalty Area
The penalty area is marked by a rectangle, wherein the goalkeeper is allowed to use his or her hands to catch the soccer ball. It is called the penalty area because it houses the penalty mark, wherein during fouls, the violator is awarded a penalty kick from that spot.

Corner Arc
Corner arcs are the semi-circles on the four corners of the field where corner kicks are made. Each corner arc measures 1 yard radially. In each of these corner arcs, a corner flag is placed.

Goal Box
Inside the penalty area is the goal box, which measures six yards in width and 20 yards in length. The goal box is the area where goal kicks are taken.

The goal is made up two upright posts joined by a horizontal cross bar, placed right in between the two corner flag posts. They are typically made of wood or metal.

Touch Line
Touchlines are also known as sidelines. This sets the boundary for the entire soccer playing field.

The entire soccer field is also called the pitch.
When it comes to soccer fields, the important considerations are not just the parts, but also the dimensions of the soccer field. This is because the rules of soccer have been written and codified, and thus require strict implementation. FIFA, which is the international governing body for football, ensures that all rules and requirements of soccer, which includes soccer field dimensions, are followed.

This is why when it comes to the construction of soccer fields, it is important to seek the services of professionals. A professional provider of sports surfaces is General Sports Surfaces. They offer services on sports surface construction and maintenance, be it soccer fields, track surfaces, football fields, or baseball fields.

Regardless of the sport surface, General Sports Surfaces is your go-to professional for all of your soccer field construction and maintenance needs.

Owasso High School

Owasso High School Football Stadium – New Stadium Synthetic Turf.

Remove and properly disposed of existing artificial synthetic turf from entire field area, Excavate existing soil and import or export to meet subgrade elevations as required, Protect existing drainage during the progress of construction.