Olney High School

Onley High  School

Mobilization and Removal of existing rubberized surface, remove and dispose off-site existing high jump, Lime stabilization at running track area.
Construct new inside and outside track curbs. Furnish and install  aggregate base to track and provide grade and compaction. Furnish and install 2″ of asphalt to running track.

Construct concrete high jump.Construct north D area with asphalt and 265 LF of Aco drain



M&M Indoor Soccer Center

M&M Indoor Soccer Center

ExpoTurf synthetic turf system. Custom dasherboard system, to surround entire field, with 4′ panelam lower section and plexiglass upper section at spectator. DuPont twine soccer netting enclosure, attached to dasherboard system with ceiling cap over fields to protect structure and building components